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Las Vegas Classic Preview

Well it is just over 24 hours away from the start of my bid for a spot in the Las Vegas Classic and I am a bit worried ;) ..... Since I am working a 24hr shift here at the firehouse.  Here in Phoenix, we run both fire and medicals in the fire dept....actually it is about 85% medical and very rare a actual fire.  The worry comes from that I was going to fly up early in the morning but I had a friend who wanted to come along so we were going to drive the 4-5 hour trip early in the am and I would sleep.  Well now they are not going and I will need to leave here at 430 am to make sure I am there in time....the issue is I may be doing it with no sleep.  You never know if you get sleep at work but then to make that drive and play?? I am tired just thinking about it now.  But what can you do?

have been throwing a bunch this week trying to get over the mental block I have with finishing over the last few weeks... I am scoring ok but will definitely need my finishing to step up to make a difference this week.  Ray "the Razor" Carver was in town so we went out to throw one day and he was looking very sharp.  The thing I really like about Ray is he is a performer.  He to me is the best true dart player in America.  He consistentaly does well under pressure and had done very well in this tourny so look for Ray to be one of the 12 qualifiers.
I did well last year coming up a game short to qualify and have a lot more experience this go around so I am looking for a good result.  If I get a soft first round match I should be looking good.  The format is a bit shorter in a race to 5 so not much room to make mistakes but maybe the extra drama will help my focus.

So keep your fingers crossed....