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Wild West Shootout and Update

Well I am playing locally this weekend for once... I have lived in Phoenix for almost ten years now but this is only the second time I am playing in the Dart tourny they run here.  I have not been throwing that much so I figure it will be a good way to jump start my practice for the North American Singles and the UK Open coming up over the next two weeks.  The darts are flying fairly well but the focus seems to lack at times...today is the 01 singles and that is my goal for the weekend.

My sister and mother are in town from Canada so it has been a good visit...my sister was a very good player in her own right back in the day and managed to win the womens singles yesterdsay...good job for the cagey veteren. ;)

I have been getting asked when I am coming over for the UK Open and I will arrive early Tuesday into Manchester and be staying out in Bolton so if anyone ones to go throw a bit and have fun.. let me know,

Until Later