David FatumThe SCORPION




Stamford Conn.

Well I have finally recovered from the exhausting trip to Stamford for the USA Classic only to leave again tomorrow to head out to Kitchner Canada for the PDC Player's Championship there but I need to share this last experience.


It all began Thursday of last week when I was on shift at work (I am a paramedic firefighter for Phoenix Fire) and we had one of our rare Monsoon Storm that actually delivered alot of lightning and rain which lead to power-outage at our station plus increased call volume.  Something you do not want in a Phoenix summer is a power-outage as it gets hot really quick and it lasted til about 3 am.  So after a long night of little sleep it was time to head out to the airport for my 6:20 am flight which was the ONLY flight that would get me across country in time for the Pro Singles in Stamford which I was using as a warm-up for the up coming PDC events.

Well I arrive at the airport to find that the evening storm had caused the flight from JFK to ride out the storm in Tucson (about 100 miles south of Phoenix) causing it to be delayed 3 hours leaving myself with only a outside shot at making it to the shoot in time.  Well I decided to go take a nap in my car to try and regain a more positive outlook on the trip.  I awoke from my nap feeling better and boarded my flight to end up spending 90 mins circling JFK due to more weather leaving me arriving 5 hrs late, thus missing all Friday's events.  The upside? I did get more sleep then normal :)

 I had been practicing alot more to get ready to secure my PDC World Championship birth and was ready to try some of the lessons I had learn Phil Taylor in my last trip to the UK.  Phil is a true professional and his entire time at event is focused on achieving success so I was adapting some of his things into my tournament routine.   I was in bed early and when not in a event I was out of the hall resting for the next event in my room- in the morning I got up early and did a hour work out and I returned to having very little to drink which I was surprise to notice that I did not ever experience any nerves resulting in increased confidence in my darts.  I scored and finished well overall for the weekend although the best finish was a semi-final in the 01 doubles but I still left with increased confidence in my overall game. 


So with the misery of playing two out of three - bull every leg behind me I made the jounrney to the airport to try and grab the first flight out Monday morning but when I rounded the corner at JFK I saw a seemingly never ending line at the ticket counter.  It turns out that flights had been cancelled the prior night and one that morning so there was alot of upset people and little chance of catching the early flight.  I found a seat in a  quite corner and decide to grab a nap to help kill some of the FIVE hours I had to kill in JFK.  Knowing there was a line longer then then norm I resume my place three hours out of from my schedualed time to ensure I would in fact make my flight.  A hour wait later my bag was checked and it was off to the gate to once again to continue to wait to leave this week this trip behind me.  Finally we board the plane and I settle in to sleep the misery away but New York was not quite so done with me yet..... yup another weather delay except this one left me sitting in the plane on the taxi-way for 3.5 hrs with two children screaming away.  Finally the weather broke long enough for us to leave and the 4.5hr flight was underway to return me to the "Valley of the Sun" to end the longest travel day I have had in the USA.


The upside to this trip was that it was once again extremely well run by LB Darts and they thrilled me to death by saying it was moving closer to the city.  It is to be  held in Newark the following year :) Less weather delays and hopefully a faster bag claim as well (have never got my bag faster then 45 mins at JFK).

And it all starts over again tomorrow at 630 am........you have to just love darts.