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Not a bad day

Well as you have read (if you read any other blogs) I have been fighting tennis elbow for months and got extrememly bad after playing tons of darts in Vegas for the NDA soft tip finals.  It was caused by me playing 4-6 hrs of tennis on my days off  and ignoring the early signs of trouble.  I have done none of my normal racquet sports now for 3 weeks in attempt to get it under control and awoke today with it feeling a bit better.  I have been icing, compression, stretching, heating, anti-innflams and even looking at accupunture to help it along... and when I say I awoke to it being better?  In realistic terms, it went from a being a 10 pain level down to a 8 but I am plain running out of time to get ready for a return to the PDC level of darts so I went out to throw with a local player this afternoon.

I packed up my ice bags in a little cooler, iced it on the way to the place we were meeting and hoped to be able to get through a hour at least.  I have been throwing for about 30 mins the last few days before it tightens up and lets me know its time to quit then on comes the ice....but like I said I HAVE TO start ramping it up.

Well overall it went fairly well all things considered.  I was able to get through about 2.5 hrs but we had little breaks and I stopped to give it a ice massage half way through which helped to extend the "work out" followed by 20 mins of a ice wrap with compression.  I was very very pleased with my finishing and over the course of 2.5hrs I only went to the board 3 or so times for a double a second time.  We did sets of 5 legs of 501 then 5 in/out 301 and I only missed a in 2 times all day and had a bunch of 180's along the way.  Wish I could say I had a bunch of 12 darters but the truth is I did not have a single one :( but what can I expect for just getting going again.  I had only touched my darts once until 2 days ago in 4 weeks and was not playing much at all before I went to Vegas.  I am pleased that I was really smooth and once I get my mental stamina back up I am looking for some good things at the end of May when I play the Scottsdale Wild West Shoot-out and National 501 Qualifier.  I just need to put my desire of playing tennis/racquetball all day on my days off back in the closet until I am pain free for a few weeks.  I do have a accupuncture appt this weekend so that should be interesting.... at this point I will do anything.  I have already had 2 rounds of steriod injections with little to no help so time for something a bit different.

Here's hoping....